Kanni Touray is a widow and a single woman headed household with four children (Absa Touray 16yrs, Kemo Touray 6yrs, Dam Touray 3yrs and Omar Touray 8yrs.

Originally, from Makka Community, Kanni is a beneficiary of the Women’s Empowerment for Change Project in North Bank Region funded by SOS Children’s Villages Finland.

Kanni and her family are living in an extended free rent compound with risk of losing their survival and developmental rights  due to the caregiver’s inability to support her family.The little she earn from selling her commodities she spend on feeding her family

As a hard working woman, Kanni through her meagre resources generated from her personal petty trading initiative  is currently supporting the education of two of her children (Omar 8yrs and Absa 16yrs) while one of them (Kemo – 6yrs) is supported by the SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia Women Empowerment for Change Project educational package.

Kanni as a caregiver got admitted into the programme in September 2019 and has since participated in numerous training on women and children’s rights, entrepreneurship and business development training as well as being sensitized on proper health and hygiene practices, legal issues and procedures in obtaining legal assistance on child and women rights violations, child care and ideal parenting skills

In boosting her economic and livelihood condition Kanni choose gardening as her Income Generating Activity (IGA) so that she can attract the weekly markets (Lummos) within the surrounding communities to supply vegetables while the rest of vegetables is used to supplement family meals. Presently Kanni’s garden is fully productive fenced and measuring 135m x 135m and is own by her children as inheritance from their father.

As part of the SOS COVID – 19 Emergency Response Intervention Kanni benefitted from plastic water container to promote WASH, facemask and bleach, additionally her community too benefitted from a community well positioned water container to be used by all on sundry in the promotion of proper hand washing practices.

Kanni in her own words reaffirmed that ‘ I am optimistic that my family is heading towards resilience to the many challenges and eventually achieve self reliance’.

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